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Hear and Now, Florian Grond (AT), Flying Circus Festival, ZKM_Medientheater, 2007
Credits : Florian Grond, 2007

Robotcowboy, Dan Wilcox (USA), Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, 2007
Credits : Offered by the artist, 2007

vetroy(credits Peter Dimakos).jpg

Danny Perreault (CA) & Thomas Ouellet Fredericks (CA), Festival Montreal en lumière, Nuit Blanche, 2005
Credits : Peter Dimakos, 2005


Auditory Tactics, Philippe Pasquier (FR) & Philippe-Aubert Gauthier (CA), Vidéographe, 2007
Credits : Philippe-Aubert Gauthier, 2007

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