L’Œuvre ouverte | PureData Convention 07 brings together artists, developers and theoreticians who develop, use and reflect on PureData. It acknowledges the broad range of artistic disciplines that make use of the software and addresses questions of openness and accessibility. It provides a theoretical context for the understanding of media art practices that engage in the aesthetics and politics of Free Open Source Software Culture.

L’Œuvre ouverte | PureData Convention 07 consists of a series of conferences, demonstrations, round table discussions, performances and exhibitions. The convention strives to reflect on the aesthetics and politics of Free Open Source Software culture by focusing on the development, artistic uses and critical writing about PureData. L’Œuvre ouverte advances the collective development of PureData through group coding sessions and by fostering a constructive dialogue among programmers, users and theoreticians.

Building on the success of the first convention held in 2004, in Graz, Austria, the PureData community in Montréal is pleased to host the 2nd International PureData Convention.

Montreal has a diverse artistic community dedicated to the exploration of new technologies and interdisciplinary exchanges with technically engaged groups. Collaboratively developed new media tools such as PureData have found their way into several facets of our artistic landscape including visual art, music, sound art, theatre, dance and VJ culture. The ever-increasing public appreciation and interest in tools like PureData are evidence of the substantial research and development being conducted in the larger community. This is the result of the dissemination efforts and commitment of several media arts organizations and the ongoing exchanges carried out by grassroots networks such as the Montréal PureData user group (PD MTL).